Scope of Services

  1. Planning Services
  • Perform a monthly inspection of all association property.
  • Develop a management plan for the operation of the Association which will include preventive and seasonal maintenance, financial planning, and other on-going responsibilities.
  1. Annual Meeting
  • Prepare and mail notices, proxies, ballots and agendas in accordance with the requirements of the By-Laws.
  • Attend one (1) annual meeting per year as scheduled in the Bylaws
  • Assist the Board in presentation of the management plan to the homeowners.
  1. Meetings
  • Arrange for and schedule location, date, and time for quarterly meetings and additional meetings as called by the Board.
  • Prepare an agenda of all items scheduled to be brought before the Board and email to the Board the prior to the meeting.
  • Provide electronically, for each Board Member in advance of the meeting, the following reports:
    • Comparison Report showing previous quarter and year-to-date expenditures and variances from budget.
    • Disbursements for previous quarter reports; P&L, Balance Sheet.
  • Attend Board meetings as agreed; prepare and distribute all documents.
  1. Operations
  • Execute contracts for and oversee the performance of all maintenance work.
    • Obtain bids when repairs are above the agreed limit set by the Board, or as appropriate or practical.
    • In case of emergency, proceed with repairs immediately.
    • Inspect all repairs to be sure they are satisfactory before disbursing Association funds. Some contracted work may require separate inspection by specialist.
  • Perform frequent inspections of the Association common area property to determine potential problems and recommend necessary corrective action.
  • Obtain contracts for necessary services, for Board approval.
  • Develop and implement preventive, corrective, and seasonal maintenance.
  • Prepare annual budget proposal for Board review and approval.
  • Manage the Association amenities, including overseeing the operation and maintenance thereof.
  1. General Office Services
  • Prepare and mail all Association correspondence, electronically preferred.
  • Maintain the following files, including electronically:
    • Copies of correspondence to and from homeowners, contractors, etc.
    • Meeting minutes.
    • All Rules and Regulations.
    • Contracts executed on behalf of the Association.
    • All financial records of the Association.
    • Other files as necessary.
  • Research and maintain all data related to transfers of ownership.
  • Expenses associated with duplication and USPS mailing will be paid by the Association.
  1. Financial:
  • Financial statement showing year-to-date expenditures and variances in comparison report with the budget.
  • Provide electronically each quarter the following reports for each Board member.
  • Establish and maintain books of accounts.
  • Establish bank accounts at financial institutions with monthly reconciliation and creating reports.
  • Make timely deposits of Association funds and pay all authorized expenditures.
  • Establish accounts receivable for the posting of annual dues, finance charges and fines for violations for each property.
  • Assist Accountants appointed by Board in performance of Financial Reviews.
  • Coordinate with the Association’s accountant to Prepare and file all state, and federal tax returns.
  1. Legal Services
  • Maintain a cooperation with the law firm of Hoelscher, Lipsey, Elmore, Poole & Turnbill, P.C. to insure prompt filing of liens. The Association will be billed by the Attorney for such services. These legal fees will be billed to property owner.
  • Advise the Board when legal advice is indicated; recommend competent counsel, assist in pursuit of all required legal actions.
  1. Insurance Services
  • Solicit bids; evaluate bids for Association Insurance policies for Property Insurance of Association Property, Liability Policy for common areas and D&O Policy for the Board of Directors and management office.
  • Review, screen, and process any insurance claims.